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WTS/WTT '95 Harley Softail clone

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Medical issues, need to sell.

1995 HD clone - Canadian frame, 87 cu. in., Delkron cases, S&S internals, S&S 'E' carb, Edelbrock heads, 80 spoke wheels, tons of chrome and high dollar billet parts! Also comes with leather saddlebags, Wind Vest windshield and HF floor lift.

14K ORIGINAL MILES! NV reg. as a Harley, not SPCNS.

Original custom paint by Darrel Pinney/Xcalibur. (If you've never heard of him, you're not old scooter trash!) He was 'THE' Harley custom painter back in the mid '90s!

$9500 OBO


The right deal gets a load of H-D collectibles as well! Hardback 'coffee table' books, Easyrider 'Dave Mann' coffee cups, 'Harley Beer' full cans (not recommended for consumption), original Love Ride shirts, etc. All original stuff from when I owned a Harley shop back in the '80s and '90s.

Located in Pahrump.
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