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6.5 CM Ruger American Predator "upgrades"

So I bought a Ruger American Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor.

I liked the FEATURES for the money:
1. adjustable trigger
2. 3 lug bolt W/ fast 70 deg.lift
3. magazine fed
4. double V block & pillar bedding
5. light plastic stock (for mountain hunting)

The RAP was very accurate, as in constant 3/4" groups at 100 yds. with 140 gr. Hornady ELD-M factory ammo with several 1/2" groups.

But then I wanted a trigger as good as the one on my 6.5 CM Ruger Precision Rifle.
->So I put a Timney trigger on it and love it.
->Then I bought a Boyd's Classic laminated stock for it. (Great stock with amazingly good fishscale checkering for only $35. extra.)
-> Flush cup sling swivels and Magpul Modular Sling were next.
->I topped it off with a 3 - 15 x 42 SWFA SS scope on sale for $600. (FFP, mil/mil reticle and knobs, side focus knob and GREAT glass) The scope is on a new Picatinny rail B/C the wierd Ruger rail sucked.

Now that rifle not only shoots better but looks great. I put moderately priced upgrades on a very moderately priced rifle and the result was better than I had hoped for. Watch out coyotes!

P.S. I epoxied an aluminum arrow shaft into a routed groove in the factory plastic stock's fore arm for much better stiffness and very little added weight. I used it this year for deer hunting at 8,000 ft. where I needed a light stock.

Eric B.