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I have wanted a 25-06 for about 15 years, but for one reason or another I never have got one.


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I bought a 25-06 back in the early 90s when the Sendero was first released. It remains one of my most accurate rifles I own. It's accounted for the death of many many coyote, prairie dogs, rabbits, my first Antelope, a decent Mule Deer, and a cow Elk.
It's a great round and I don't understand why bullet companies haven't offered any high BC bullets for it.


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I dont really see any surprise here..

Caliber pushes a bullet faster, with any decent bc it will drop and deflect less, but burn barrels quicker.

People can say the same about the 260 being around before the new 6-6.5mm craze.. Or the 6.5x55... Same debate still rages with the 308 and a multitude of other calibers.

For my needs, no need for any 6.5 or the 25-06.