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Default Good interaction with Metro while CCWing

Went to Walmart on Boulder Hwy and Nellis this morning to pick up a shirt.
As I am walking in from the parking lot I hear a woman screaming NO!!! STOP!!! etc. Approach to see whats going on.
Man physically intimidating his wife yelling etc. Sees me, postures up and starts coming at me. I told him nicely to stop. He did.

Call 911
Tell the operator details of him threatening to kill her multiple times. Her making statements of him beating her every day.
Along with the fact that I have a CCW and am carrying.

Five minutes later, Metro makes it. I put my hands out. Tell the approaching officer that I have a CCW and its at my 3:00. He couldn't care less. Said "Okay, just don't pull it out. Hang out a second." The officers separate the man and woman, and start doing searches.
One comes back over to me gets a quick statement, says "Cool, you're good to go". Never asked for the CCW, nor any ID. Totally professional interaction, just completely relaxed and no problems.

I remember 20 years ago on a traffic stop being proned out in the middle of Flamingo because I told a motor cop I had a CCW.... Times have changed!
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Nowadays, if they flipped out every time, they would be flipping out all the time.
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This parallels my recent interactions. Metro could not care less. My wife was pulled over last week, and rightly so, and informed the officer she had a CCW. The officer said, "O.K., I will be right back." He wrote the citation and that was it.

A year ago coming back from Desert Sportsman's I was pulled over and informed the officer I had a CCW, several sort barreled rifles, along with multiple suppressors. She said, "Alright, is this the correct address?" That was it. No problem.

15 years ago I got pulled over and informed the officer I had a firearm. I was in my casino security uniform. He told me if I moved I was going to be shot. Silly.
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