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Default Be Safe Firearms Instruction Nevada & Utah CCW Class - Preferred Rate

Hello Everyone,

My name is Rick Cross and I run Be Safe Firearms Instruction in Las Vegas, Nevada. I've been an NRA instructor for 8 years and a CCW instructor for 4 years. I'm also a Certified Sabre Defense Instructor and am affiliated with many, many organizations. I'm also a Front Sight Ambassador and Lifetime Member. My next Nevada / Utah CCW class is September 21st and every other Saturday after that. I will hold classes outside of my schedule if I get at least four for the class.

All of those reading this post and any family or friends, you'll get a preferred rate of $65 dollars not including your range fee of $11 dollars.

What's included in my class
* A packet of 'technical' and reference documents.
* A booklet containing everything covered in the class.
* A CD with over 700MB of documents and videos related to handguns and concealed carry.
* Several laminated wallet cards I make) on gun safety/five essential CCW rules, reciprocity info for both Nevada & Utah, and prohibited locations of carry. You also get some 'no guns / no business' cards and a target analysis wallet card from Targets Online.
* A certificate suitable for framing.
* Email added to 'Rick's Blog', you get a blog update every 5 or 6 weeks on all things gun and concealed carry. Many people including my law enforcement friends look forward to these every month.

FRONT SIGHT GIVEAWAYS! So far this year, I have already given away a 2-Day Defensive Handgun Certificate and one Patriot Lifetime Membership. I'm giving away another 2-Day Handgun Certificate at the end of September and another Patriot Lifetime Membership at the end of the year! No additional cost, just get in my class and be entered into the drawing. It must be a full class and not a renewal.

My blog is now on my website if you want to see previous postings. Just go to my website at and go to the top right button labeled 'Rick's Blog'.

I am constantly working on the material in my class and have just about every holster imaginable. I get excellent reviews on my class (it is a passion) and I make it very interactive including many 'Shoot/No-Shoot' videos and a laser training tool that we use in class before even going to the range.

Here's a couple of recent testimonials:
"In my 50 years and over 300 different courses yours was the most enjoyable. The material was complete and what I would expect, but above the bar was the excellent instructor! I'm like a kid who found the ice cream in the freezer I want more. Therefore if u can stand another day or two of me I would like to take more classes from you!

Clair M.

Hello Rick,
The class was absolutely amazing! I got so much more out of your class than the last CCW class I took. Thank you so much for everything.
I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to take this class!!!

Thanks - Sherrie P.

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