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Default Penalty for Not Registering in Clark County

My sister is planning to move to LV soon, and she's bringing a few handguns with her. I told her she might have to register them, and she said (colorfully) that she would not be inclined to. She asked me two questions after she looked up the Clark County ordinance. I don't know the answers. Maybe you do.

1. What if she doesn't register? What are the penalties for violating a County ordinance?

2. Does she have to register them if she has owned them for a long time, before she moved to Clark County? She pointed out something I hadn't noticed: The Clark County ordinance requires people who reside in Clark County to register guns within 60 days of acquiring them. More like, "a Clark County resident must register w/i 60 days of acquiring." How does that affect new residents who acquired them long ago?
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Default Penalty for Not Registering in Clark County

...I may know people that have not done so. It just depends on if she is going to carry or not. All of mine are now registered.

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Panay Mintis
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I know a dude who owns handguns. None of the handguns were purchased in Clark County, except for the ones that were bought in the base exchange. Guess how many are registered?

He does not want to be the test case but, how do they know that the handguns were not purchased from a private party just a few minutes ago or 61 days ago? Not advocating anything here, just telling you what I've seen.

Register them one at a time at your convenience everytime you purchase them.
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Default no way Jose!

Regrister handguns=the first step towards confiscation!
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Since nobody actually answered the questions:

12.04.220 - Penalty for violation of Sections 12

Any person who violates any of the provisions of Sections 12.04.010 through 12.04.210 is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for a term not to exceed six months or by a fine of not to exceed five hundred dollars, or by both.
So, the answer to #1 is jail up to 6 months and/or a fine of up to $500

12.04.200 - Registration of firearms capable of being concealed.

It is unlawful for any person with at least sixty days of residency in the county to own or have in his possession, within the unincorporated area of Clark County, a pistol or other firearm capable of being concealed, unless the same has first been registered with the sheriff or with a police department of any of the incorporated cities of Clark County.
and the answer to #2 is: yes, they must be registered as soon as she has at least 60 days of residency in the county, otherwise it is illegal for her to have them in her possession.
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Originally Posted by Bernymac View Post
how do they know that the handguns were not purchased from a private party just a few minutes ago or 61 days ago?
If he gets caught (or has one stolen and recovered) and a trace gets run and it comes back to a 4473 with his name on it, I guess they'd know...
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Register carry and self defense hand guns, as for the other ones...
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Anyone have a list of honest people being arrested for this? Or is this an uninforced law,unless you do a crime? Don't see a problem if you own guns from known private sales , just thinking out loud. No way to prove you had a gun over 60 days, if all things are legal?????
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The 60-day requirement is for people becoming residents of the County. For established County residents, they have only 72 hours from taking ownership to register it.

I'm not telling you what to do, and would never advocate breaking the law or lying to police (which is illegal even though they can legally lie to you.) But if you legitimately acquire a handgun from another Nevada resident that lives in another county, and you got it "two days ago," you are legal, and there is no way to verify the information.

As usual, the only thing that can land you in jail is your big fat mouth.
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I might have some handguns that were purchased by private transaction less than 72 hours ago. Didn't get the seller's ID, sorry.

Story that I told already before:
When I first moved here, I was on a temp work visa (H1-B). I had a handgun that I had previously purchased from a gun shop in Virginia where I used to live. I went to register the gun, and was told that because of my visa status, I wasn't eligible to register it. The cop then handed me the gun and wished me a nice day.

I read up on the law, and there seemed to be a clause where with a valid hunting license, you can register handguns. I got me a hunting license (took class with a bunch of 12 year olds), and went back.

No, I still wasn't eligible to register (hands gun back to me). "If it was that easy, all the criminals (?) would do that." So, I'm a criminal now ? And it's a big problem that all criminals line up to register their guns ?

So, twice they let me walk out of the police station with a gun I was told I was not eligible to register. Of course, they'd be happy to throw the book at me for having an unregistered handgun if push came to shove. Ended up storing the gun at a gun dealer to have a proof that I didn't have control over the gun until I got my green card and was able to register it.
The whole process is beyond BS.
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