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lets do it.
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Originally Posted by Vegas SMG View Post
You'll need a full auto hammer, trigger, selector, and bolt carrier and of course a registered DIAS. Other than the RDIAS, (Registered Drop In Auto Sear), these parts are true "drop in" but most AR-15 lower receivers do not have the sear relief clearance needed for a USGI sear or a RDIAS and must have the lower milled to accept one. Not really a big deal for a competent gun smith or machinist.

An all steel RDIAS is a highly desirable item in today's market and one sold within the last month for 18k. An aluminum body RDIAS will run you several grand less... maybe about 14K. There's a WTB ad from a perspective buyer who will pay 18k for the same steel RDIAS. Today there are many advantages to owning a RDIAS over a registered receiver gun. I remember passing on a RDIAS over a decade ago when they were selling for right at 3k and were less desirable than a transferable receiver.

Times have changed and things like MGI receivers that accept unmodified AK-47 mags and drums and a .45acp grease gun magwell, the possibility of blowing up a registered receiver, egging out the hammer pin axis holes when using a straight blow back 9mm conversion, or the Valkrie belt fed system that requires modifying the lower may outweigh the value of owning a registered receiver M-16 over a RDIAS.

I'm thinking the OP may not completely understand that an unlicensed individual can not build a machine gun or conversion device after May 19, 1986. You must find and purchase one that was built and entered into the NFA registry prior to that date. Newly built and registered SBRs, SBSs, suppressors, AOWs, DDs, etc, may still be manufactured and registered today unlike machine guns. That's why transferable machine guns are so expensive today. It's not the sum of their parts that makes them so expensive, it's their pre 1986 registration that ups the price dramatically.

you said most, are their any that come like that from the factory? how much does it machined? what needs to be done, i just want to know before hand how much this will cost, and not lose my hands,
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lets do it.
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how long do they last? if they break can i have them fixed? or am I SOL and JWF?
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Vegas SMG
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Everything can break including a RDIAS but typicially they can be repaired. This is why an all steel RDIAS now commands 18 thousand dollars. All RDIAS must be fitted and timed to your lower and are not true "drop in" conversion parts.

If you can afford a registered RDIAS, then I wouldn't worry about a hundred dollars for a new lower receiver or the hundred or so bucks to mill yours out. I don't need to specify which lower receivers are sear ready but they do exist and are available locally.
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