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Default Nevada Patriot Guard

Not sure if this has been posted or not but its a good thing from what i can see.

Its a local group that helps against the radical church group protesting military funerals. They simply ride to the funeral and form a wall blocking the view of the protestors helping the families mourn in peace.
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I agree 10000% with their mission, but it doesn't seem Nevada's chapter is very active. Most recent mission was March 14th and it's still posted as "upcoming". Yet the page was updated March 21st.
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I believe the Patriot Guard has been active the last 3-4 times the WBC idjiots showed up for funerals. I know they came for Brianna Dennison, and I know there's been other circumstances they've come for.

If I was a rider, I'd be right there with 'em.
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