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Default How to sell a gun privately.

What is the procedure to purchase a gun from a private citizen here in Nevada?

When you buy one at a gun shop, they make you do all the federal paperwork and cool off period.

But what I my neighbor has a gun and I want to purchase it and register it with the county. What is the procedure?
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First, registration is only required in Clark County, if you do not reside here, you don't need to worry.

If it is a rifle or shotty, you do not need to register it. I would highly recommend doing a bill of sale, which you can search for and download on this site.

If it is a handgun, simply meet the seller at your local subatation. Take the weapon, unloaded of course, and your ID in. They will run the weapon and you. So long as you are not a prohibited person and the weapon is not stolen, they issue a blue card on the spot. There is no charge for the service and no waiting period either.
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Tell us where you're from and your question will be answered more accurately.

Right off the bat though I can tell you there are no 'cooling off' periods in Nevada.
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Old 01-29-2013, 04:52 PM   #4
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So then if I wanted to sell a handgun here in Clark county, would I have to go down to a substation if the buyer already has a blue card? Or in that instance can I just write up a bill of sale and sell it to that person?
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You should meet the buyer at Metro and make sure they register the firearm (hand gun) It's for your own protection. I personally won't sell a hand gun to anyone unless we both meet at Metro, blue card or not. It's in everyone's best interest. My 2 cents.

The buyer doesn't already need to have a blue card, just as long as they can legally own a firearm, Metro will issue a blue card on the spot. You just fill out one very simple form and within 30 minutes you're walking out.
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Thanks. I'm glad I found this forum, I was selling my gun on and found out that was a bad idea. I had a guy give me an offer I thought was too low last night and he took it as me insulting him and proceeded to threaten me and call me every name under the sun. So yeah.. trading it over at Metro sounds like a great idea .. haha.
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