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Tony Shelton
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Originally Posted by FightForYourRight(s) View Post
You really need to work on staying on point. The idea that he was radicalized by jihadist Islam is certainly very plausible, but that has nothing to do with being coerced by some US government entity, now does it?
Radical Islam was both coerced, trained AND armed by a government entity over a long period of time. So there's that.
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Originally Posted by Tony Shelton View Post
Everything you are saying is predicated upon the assumption that Paddock (if the guy dead on the ground with the large earlobes is Paddock) went in to this with the intention to kill anyone at all AND with the intention to die.

The intricate setup that LE felt we were worthy to know appears to show that he intended to leave the premises alive.
There is zero precedent for perpetrators successfully escaping attacks like this. Most end up dead, the rest are captured. There's no way he didn't know that going in.

The chances of an average person escaping that situation are zero. I believe it would be possible for someone with serious training and experience to do so - a Jason Bourne type, if you will - but that's not this guy.

If his intention was to fire off as many rounds as he could before the cops showed up en masse, thus giving him any possibility of escape, he would know he'd only have a few minutes at best. Why all the firepower for a few minutes of gun & run? Even a cheap AR will be pretty damn reliable for 500-1000 rounds fired rapidly. 2-3 quality weapons and a pile of mags would be all you'd need if that was your plan. You don't bring an arsenal of weapons up there unless you plan to stay a while, and after the first few minutes or so, your chances of making it out alive plummet rapidly, I don't care who you are.

So... an intelligent man, coerced by the FBI into doing something horrific with zero chance of survival? Or an intelligent, but deeply troubled man who planned it out on his own and foolishly believed he could make it out?

Or someone radicalized by jihadist Islam? Certainly very possible. But there's no precedent for radical Islamic terrorists planning elaborate escapes. They are not only prepared to, but they are in fact quite ready and willing to die for their beliefs. If Paddock did indeed plan an elaborate escape, that makes me think he was just a lone nut, convinced through delusion that he could do what nobody else could. Perhaps once the magnitude of what he was doing/had done sunk in, he realized there was no way out and shot himself, because of course no coward like him wants to be caught alive.
Petition: Charge with treason anyone who attempts to violate the second amendment through more restrictive firearms legislation
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