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Originally Posted by Dusty View Post
I have this pack.

It's not what I wanted. I just wanted a plain external frame pack. But they didn't have one. I'm glad I got this pack because I packed it for a week up and down the mountain before harvesting my buck. Then I packed My buck out with it. I had the pack full of crap and water before I even shot the buck, but I was able to fit him all in there with the skull on top. Heavy sob it was. The pack unzips to expand for more room. It will even hold Your rifle or bow if You choose. It's not cheep but worth every penny. Also its made from that low noise fabric You speak of.
I'm not sure of any pack that would hold a whole elk though. I deboned My deer and it was more than i wanted to pack.

Good luck to Ya, Doz knows some great hunting areas. Elk are some of the smartest and hardest animals to hunt especially the cows. Those vortex 10x42 binoculars should be a great all around set.
I'm not too familiar with those packs but does that need a frame to use it? I've heard a lot about badlands packs so It's on my radar along with Kifaru which I personally love the most.

Originally Posted by Dusty View Post
That would be nice. Let us know please. If the NDOW website ever comes back online I'll check that out.
Yeah for sure. I will go and check it out this week and see what they say and let you know.
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@Clockwork it has a internal frame. It is solid fits around you well and it's sturdy. It has all kinds of side pockets, one to pull out. I went back to the store 3 times trying it on looking at other packs before buying it. Like I said I fit a whole deboned deer in it with all of the other get I had in it already. If you want a good all around pack it's a good one. If you just want a day pack it still works fine. I used it for a week hiking in steep rough Terrain and I'm glad I had that solid pack. Putting a water bladder in it helps a lot. Used it like a camel back.
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If you're looking for a pair of binos try a pair of Canon electronic image stabilization ones. I have the 10x30 and 15x50. The 10x30 batteries last a few weeks and the 15x50 prob 2 days. These are amazing because they improve the image so noticeably better when stabilized. Stabilized images let you pan more and less eye fatigue.

The 15x30 I mount on a carbon fiber tripod which I carry all the time and also have a tripod adapter for my rifle which I swap between the binos and the gun. I made some pretty great kill shots this year with the tripod and highly recommend it.

Another great useful tool is the Garmin Inreach sat texting/gps. You can send messages anywhere without cell signal which is great when you need help or just to tell the wife you're going to be late. The mapping app that comes with Earthmate is the best I've found with full offline sat images and you can get the hunt maps with it also. I used it heavily with my kilo 2000 range finder to triangulate animal locations that I glassed but need to drive down to off a hill.

The biggest tip for anyone that gets started is that most animals move during the early morning at sunrise or in the evening at sunset. When I first got started I look around after lunch since is the most convenient time but never saw anything. After I started at sunrise then it was a whole new world.

Shot show is next week so I'll check out the new gadgets to see what else I can buy
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