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Originally Posted by JR3 View Post
The person giving the class prefers not to have my wife qualify with her M&P22C but will if she has too much difficulty due to a major arm injury and resulting nerve damage.
Who is this person that "prefers" she not use the gun she prefers?
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Adjusting to the west!
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This thread reminds me it's time to take the class again, a long with a few other folks I know.
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Good To Go
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she just needs a bit more refinement. She sometimes starts to hit left of center.
Going to work on grip and trigger finger placement/action.

JR, looks like you have your wife covered in helping her do well. That finger placement will do the trick. Press, Press, Press, Press, surprise break.

Good luck,
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I recently heard of an "instructor" in the Reno area that "passed" an individual without a shot being fired. This person was up for their renewal. He basically took their money and called it "good".
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Originally Posted by JR3 View Post
Thanks for the replies.
I guess it's because I over-prep things.

You know the old saying, "Failure to plan is a plan to fail".

Sometimes drives the wife crazy.

Yep ,,sounds like Dave Ramsey
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