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My toy finally made it to town this past week and got it all together. New stuff to me. Ruger precision rimfire/Athlon BTR with sunshade. Wind wasn't nominal today (Sunday) but what the heck needed to go shooting!!! 25yds only, 4400ft elevation, 70s and the wind was all over the place. One minute 9 o'clock the next 6-7 o'clock with an occasional gust from the 10-11 o'clock. 5-8 constant with some light gusts 10-13. Guessing on those. I wanted to do some 50yrd shooting but the wind nearly doubled by the time I did some 25yd stuff.

I'm happy with it

I shot a fair amount of Federal HV 36gr/1260fps bulk stuff (my 10/22 and 22/45 plinking stash) to get some rounds down range and some form of zero. Then jumped to CCI standard, which I got my best groups out of. Then CCI sub-sonic 40gr/1050. Finally Federal Gold target 40gr/1080.

Out of those 4 I have no reason to ever shoot the Federal HV or CCI sub-sonic stuff again in this gun. CCI standard was the best groupings followed closely by the Federal Gold target. I have another 12 or so boxes of mostly match grade stuff to run through it some day to see what it really likes. Holding off until my suppressor gets out of jail to further test more expensive match grade ammo.

(Measurements on the paper is center to center/outer diameter of group minus the bullet diameter.) 5 shot groups with one 6. Lost count. lol

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Congrats on the RPR. It will get better and better through the next 1K rounds as it breaks in. The Athlon scope will serve you well. Both together is a very cost effective precision 22lr package.
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