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EDC to me means gun or a knife, but since other things started being mentioned...
MIA Bracelet for Col. Dean Pogreba, since Dec. 1971. His F-105 Thunderchief went down on Oct. 5, 1965.
Browning HP Mk. III 9 mm.
Benchmade Barrage folder.
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Hmm, let's see... <pats self down to reveal:>

G43 in Kydex pocket holster
Spare mag in knife pouch
Ancient Kershaw 1620 clipped to offside front pocket
Mini-Mag Solitaire on keyring
Samsung Galaxy S4

Do we really care about watches? Okay, Traser Commander 100 Force
Grumpy attitude (can't forget that... can we? )

Sometime varies, especially in winter, weapon could be a G19 in IWB or a Ruger SP-101 .357, either in IWB or Galco shoulder rig (can't wear that one at work, folks get nervous looking at the little hole in the end! )
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Old 03-06-2018, 05:03 PM   #23
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Snagged a revised Sig P365 from the Bass Pro Shops.

The P365 has replaced my Shield 9mm.
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G19 gen 3 using Garrett Industries Silent Thunder IWB holster
+ extra 15rd spare mag.
+ Streamlight ProTax 1L-1AA light (can use either CR123A or AA battery).
+ pocket knife
+ Casio Tough Solar Pathfinder watch
+ wallet
+ Iphone
+ Keys
+ Cash (cash is king and is in a separate location than the wallet)
+ Chapstick

NRA Life Member!
GOA Member!

"...if you're not offended by something, you're not living life..." Erick Erickson in for Rush Limbaugh 12/24/13.

"If one day ..., why not today!" AV.
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*Shield 9mm/Stealthgear ventcore mini/1 extra mag
*All Keys
*Mini LED flashlight
*Watch from my late father
*Wedding ring
*Reading glasses
*Leash/100lb dog-goes with me everywhere

**Fixed blade and a .40 cal XD with 2 mags in locked console vault.
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