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Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms The place to discuss all gun rights issues, pro-gun/anti-gun legislation and general Second Amendment topics. All other topics will be locked.

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For those thinking " ahh just let them ban the bumpstocks...."

we will also have to fight this....
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lets do it.
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Originally Posted by JTW_Jr View Post
For those thinking " ahh just let them ban the bumpstocks...."

we will also have to fight this....
You give a foot, they take a mile, never given them an inch.
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Adjusting to the west!
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i would make a wager with you, that i would gladly lose. whaddya say?

$.05. it's all the principle, right? i am giving the edge to the d's, though i generally like R lies better.

but respectful disagreement on the outcome, isn't bad.

Originally Posted by Bulleteater View Post
Jill Stein was not on the NV ballot (unlike WI, MI, and PA), meaning the dem vote all went for Shrillery. Meanwhile, IAP (far right) and Libertarians all had candidates in NV which peeled away votes from Trump.

thats all part of winning, or losing, nv. if you look at the last heller election, the independ is the only reason heller won. that's the split that matters in the next election. it is nevada based, not national.

in the more recent masto/heck race, it was a spread of 2.5%appx. and everyone know what she was (a total democrap) and still went that way regardless.

back to us agreeing dynamics in mid terms are different than presidential years.

Is there no precedent for a politician who overcomes a string of setbacks? Wasn't there a guy named...Abe Lincoln?

abe is not around and not running this election. and frankly, to quote loyd benson, "frankly Danny, you are no Abe Lincoln."

In the congressional race, Tark lost to Rosen by less than two points, and that's with Warren Markowitz and David Goossen peeling votes AWAY from Tark. Rosen had no such impediment. Rosen will have to defend her anti-Trump stance in 2018.

my bad, i got ruben mixed up with rosen for the last election. as i noted, and agree with you on, I's may well be the key to the race. if they partake or not, and the off year cycle may help. add to the I's general protest voters of both parties.

The NV GOP Base has totally turned on heller and for good reason. Only a few establishment shills support him but they are not a factor. So how will Heller win a General without support from the base???

true, but i am not sure if the base of R's is enough to offset, and if Danny is the candidate, i have no faith. i'd like to see a better R alternative to Dean then Danny. but i haven't seen one yet. the off year may benefit the R this time.

It's a mid-term, with potentially low voter turnout, as in 2014. Rosen is still an unknown quantity, no skeletons in her closet (that we know of yet) but she is a typical leftwing footsoldier: pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-amnesty for illegals. Easy to attack her on the issues.

again, agree on the off year thing, but i feel that Rosen is a known quantity. she is a democrat, in name and action, so we knew all her positions on the items you mention when she ran last time, and when she runs for senate. heller slammed her for being a pelosi-schumer puppet.

the people voting for her know her too, and don't/won't care, because they agree.

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Big Stick policy
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^^^ "Unknown quantity," meaning quirks and controversies yet unknown. Any inflammatory statements? She seems to keep her mouth shut or maybe the media just gives her a pass. Maybe folks at her Jewish temple might shed some light.

At this stage I definitely do NOT want more R hats thrown into the primary race. That only splits the vote, and gives us a bad choice of No Way In Heller.

With Tark as the nom, expect full support from Trump and even some campaign endorsement trips.
You have no say in your just get to be governed.
- John Kubiak, to the Guamanians
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