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Default Orleans Arena

any issues with CC at the Arena??

going to see Andre Rieu on the 20th
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I haven't been there in several years, but I never had an issue.
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Depends on the event. I have seen walk-thru detectors there before, but have also seen staff poorly trained on paying attention to the detectors' chirping.
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I was there for a concert last Saturday and they have a permanent row of walk-thru metal detectors at the ticket-taking point at the top of the escalator.
You can purchase your ticket from the box office without going thru the detectors, but to enter the venue itself you must empty all pockets into little white tubs and go thru the detectors. Amusingly, they also make all women open their purses and they dig thru the purses with CHOPSTICKS (really!) looking for contraband.
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I was at Orleans Arena a couple months ago for the LVMPD K-9 Trials -- free event, open to the public, blah blah...

Most public entrances were closed-off/locked, so that we'd be funneled thru an entrance that had magnetometers. I left my 'gat in the car, but carried my pocket-knife tool with a 3.25" blade on me. Put the knife into the plastic bin along with my car keys, etc. belt with a big metal buckle, etc. into the plastic bin, and some security-hag immediately notices the knife, say's it's not allowed, and seems frustrated/irritated because I simply say "OK," politely step-out of line & away from the magnetometer & start to put my $#*& belt back on my sagging pants & grab my keys & the knife. Her continuing to get flustered & cluck-away causes the armed security dude to start to pay attention & walk up to the non-event, though he doesn't do anything, as-if he's got enough IQ to notice I'm calm & collecting my property so that I can leave with my 3.25" bladed weapon of mass destruction.

I trudge back to the car, leave the knife in it, & then re-do their 'security.'

So I don't know if the magnetometers are a full-time thing, only for 'high-risk' events or when an event-holder requests such 'security,' but they definitely do have them.
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