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uber n00b
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Angry Problems with DPMS styled AR-10

I have two AR10 based semi-automatics. One uses mostly Rainer and Spikes tactical gear, although the BCG is from Aero Precision. This is a 6.5 creedmoor. The other is full on Aero Precision in .308. They are both having problems with stove piping when the empty brass is being ejected. Has anyone else had this problem with DPMS style AR 10's and if so what did you do about it? I did the obvious like take apart the BCG and oil it completely but it didn't help. I know it could be the buffer and buffer spring, but I have no clue whether to make it stronger or weaker. It bothers me that a full Aero Precision build would have this issue right out of the box, but apparently it is not a problem with the brand, I heard complaints about DPMS AR 10s having this problem but I have yet to talk to someone who actually fixed it. The .308 has an adjustable gas block I might be able to adjust and if that will fix it I can easily get an adjustable gas block for the other. Any suggestions will be appreciated. By the way I put in a Slash Heavy Buffer and Spring which solved a related problem in the 6.5 where the BCG wouldn't completely lock back, but I still have a problem with stove piping.
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Your extractor has a burr on it.

Not all gun manufacturers are machinists. I had this issue with a Statern Bolt in 50 Beowulf. I had to remove the extractor and file off sharp edges.
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