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12/28 to 3/28 and it arrived today.
So I went to do a full cleaning off the PPS and broke the mag release. It was sticking and wanted to clean it and the pin was one of the hardest to remove I have ever come across, finally got it out as the release broke in half. Off to the internets I go...
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i really need to renew my ccw, i think ill just take the class at the gun store...

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Default Finally came

Turned in first week of Jan.came in first first week of April.
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Turned in CCW paperwork 3/20/17 @ MLK, the wait is excruciating and it hasn't even been a month yet... yikes!

For anyone who wants to know the current flow of completing the application process at LVMPD, here were the steps:

The location opened at 8am. I arrived shortly before 8am and there were over 25 people already waiting. It took a little over 3 hours to complete the process and get out.

The first line you wait in is immediately inside the door coming from outside. This is where you get the customer ticket # like @ the DMV. CCW applicants were given a ticket starting with the letter G. Now have a seat in the waiting room and listen for your # to be called.

When the # was called you go to a window to hand over the paperwork, sign and pay. Then you return to the waiting area, have another seat and wait for the # to be called a second time.

When the # is called the second time, you go through a door (it's called "Window #1" although it is actually not a window but a closed door that you must walk through). The fingerprinting is done here, and then you're sent back to the waiting area to have yet another seat and wait for the # to be called again.

When they call the # for the THIRD time, you go back into the fingerprinting room. Right next to the fingerprinting machines there is a photo station and at this point they take your photo. Thus ends the process and you're on your way, a mere 3 hours after arrival.

I have no idea why they don't just take your photo immediately after fingerprinting you. The camera is literally 5 feet away from the fingerprint scanner.

I will report back when I receive the permit in the mail. From recent reports it looks like it may be running at about the 3 month mark instead of 4, I sure hope that is the case!!
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Did mine on 3/25/17. The lady at the photo station said they were running right at 120 days.

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