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Default The end of brass?

Interesting article talking about a replacement for 150 year old technology known as brass casings. Different metal alloys in use as casings claiming to be cheaper, stronger, go 40 reloads without expanding or needing to trim, plus, exotic color combinations (last point, whoop-de-doo but someone will be excited).
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Wow those actually seem pretty cool. The price is actually decent as well, the whole time I read the article I was envisioning 25-50 cents a case.
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Debris Blanc
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So if the case isn't robust enough to handle a shell holder in a reloading press, how is it going to stand up to an extractor in a firearm?
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A good bit less force is required to extract a fired case from the chamber than from a sizing die, but I still don't think these are going to work all that well at all.

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I like the multicolored casings. It will be nice to eject rainbows when shooting a full auto.
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