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New Frontier Armory Now Open in North Las Vegas. Specializing in Firearm Sales and Transfers, Reloading Supplies, Ammunition, Shooting and Outdoor Accessories. Contact us today for a great price on your next firearm purchase.

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Uncle Nicky
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Default Fair deal

I helped my mother sell a number of rifles, shotguns, and handguns at New Frontier Armory this weekend. I had originally planned to sell them on consignment, but was able to come to a deal to sell all guns to New Frontier directly. We even worked a deal to trade a revolver for my mother to keep for self-defense. I would definitely recommend them!
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They've helped a few friends out with similar deals. Very good people.

Unfortunately some of the sour grapes members will be along in a minute and accuse you and i of brown-nosing.
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Vegas' Favorite Gun Store
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Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate it!
New Frontier Armory
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