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Ammunition Without it, guns are nothing more than expensive paperweights.

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Originally Posted by Desertrat1979 View Post
I agree 100%. There is nothing fabulous about them at all. As for you friend, that is an ongoing theme there. They prefer staff with less knowledge than them. Makes it more justifiable when they want to fire them. Kinda the same way with customers too. The few times I went in I overheard some pretty condescending undertones in how they respond to questions. Just rubbed me the wrong way.

Master at Arm's isn't too bad. Prices suck, but once Robbie got use to seeing me his demeanor changed. Also, it's is nice having a local source of reloading supplies. Hell, even Walmart is catching on with that. The guy at stockpile apparently doesn't see a market for that since he shows no interest in the subject.
Interesting comments on Stockpile. I have purchased several firearms from them after calling around Las Vegas and they mostly beat the price matched a few. Never had a reason not to shop there. I had Master at Arm's put new sight on my XDM as I did not have the press tool. When I got home noticed the front sight was not centered between the two reference marks. No big deal I was able to us a pin punch to center it.
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stockpile has changed managers or something. 4 or 5 years ago we got dicked driving there from vegas. someone mentioned them and I posted my story on a FB page and their store manager personally asked if it was ok to call me. we chatted for 30 minutes at 9 pm on a Saturday. haven't been back there yet but he offered me a good deal to make it worth my while to go back.

they seem like they are more interested in customers retention now
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