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Firearm Accessories & Gear A place to discuss accessories such as flashlights, holsters, belts, mag pouches, range bags, pepper spray, "tacticool" gear, and more.

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Default Leica Rangemaster 2700-b

I just acquired a Leica 2700-b range finder. Painful purchase price, but features and capabilities sold me. Now, if only I have the patience to learn how to use it, it may prove to be a good "investment".

In my one outing using it so far, I have been able to measure reasonably reflective objects out to 2300 yards. It picks up rocks & dirt pretty easily at 800-900 yards.

My self-rationalization for buying it is occasional varmint/'yote shooting, deer/elk hunting if I ever obtain a tag, but more often just long range steel & silhuoutte shooting.

Anybody else out there in NV Shooters land have experience & pointers with the 2700-b?
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