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uber n00b
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Originally Posted by vortex0178 View Post
Did they ticket you because you were using a vehicle, or were you on foot and they ticketed you for trespassing?
Using a vehicle. I think you are 100% clear on foot, but they have no motorized vehicles signs plastered everywhere out there.
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Does anyone know which of the mapped shooting spots or elsewhere in the desert would be the most like an action bay? Something that might be 25-50 yards deep that allows for some 3-sided shooting (front and as much to the sides as possible)? A group of us would like to set up some 3gun stages to practice. Thank you!
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Where do y'all shoot at in or near Pahrump?
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Originally Posted by J_rad76 View Post
Where do y'all shoot at in or near Pahrump?
At the Rambo Range. It's on the map.

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