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I don't know much more than I've read about the Lapua small primer brass. I got 15 firings out of my last batch of Hornady 6.5 brass though so I'm OK with that. Rifle shot sub 1/2 Moa all the way to this point with 2400 firings on the factory barrel. Based on that my current batch of brass will toast 2 more barrels before I need to think about what to buy for brass next time and maybe by then more manufactures will come out with small primer options.
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small rifle primers produce more consistent ignition which will cause lower ESs which improve accuracy with the added benefit of being able to run higher pressures with longer brass life.

just an FYI its best to have a small firing pin if your going to run SRPs...large firing pins are notorious for piercing SRPs...CCI450s are supposed to have the hardest cups.

also star line, peterson nad lapua all have SRP 6.5CM brass...i was running necked down 6.5 lapua in my 6mm CM and was very happy with it.
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The primer pockets will stay tight longer with small primers, and you will get better ignition. (CCI-450 primers)
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Just starting out in the 6.5 CM world and still learning.
In line with the subject small vs large primers.
Does the powder type matter?
Which one would go well for gas and for bolt guns? Or it does not make a difference.
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powder depends a lot on the free bore of the reamer used to chamber your rifles...H4350 is pretty much the gold standard and if you have or can get some you dont need to look any farther...but...just to name a few that will work well...

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