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Default LV Sun Colludes with the R-J, Going Broke, Will Now Start Charging Online!

The LV Sun has been for many years sharing income with the R-J! The R-J sells ads for the LV Sun and then splits the cash.

Well the Sun says the R-J has been LOSING MONEY since they were bought out a couple of years ago so the Sun is going broke. They are now going to start charging if you want to view more than ten Sun articles online in a month.

Will this kill the LV Sun completely? I'd never pay a dime for their content...

A major source of our newsroom funding has dried up. Years ago, the Las Vegas Sun stopped publishing our print newspaper and stopped selling newspaper advertising in competition with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. In 1990, we combined our print operations (as well as our circulation) with the Review-Journal. The Review-Journal took responsibility for printing, distributing and selling advertising for the Sun and benefited mightily from this arrangement. The quid pro quo was that the Las Vegas Sun would get a small percentage of R-J profits that we could use to help fund the continuing operations of our newsroom. In short, the combination with the Review-Journal provided much of the money necessary to pay for the quality journalism the Las Vegas Sun provides.
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Won't have much effect. Currently many of the big boys have pay walls, and use cookies to enforce them. They usually kick in after several visits.

If you use drudge, you will see them. Usually by the middle of the month.

When I read about the rj including "their competitor" I wondered why a 12 pack of coke doesn't include 2 cans of Pepsi?

(reference to the MS explorer browser monopoly case)
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Nevada ftw
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The world has changed. In the days before the internet, I bought newspapers because I preferred to read in my spare time than watch TV on a schedule. Newspapers weren't free, but they weren't filled to the brim with ads I couldn't skip or otherwise avoid either.

Today the world gets its news from the internet instead, and every damn one of these sites is soaked with advertising, some more than others, some more in your face than others. There is no way in hell that I'm going to pay to read crappy articles when I'm also forced to endure garbage advertising as well.

I have never paid a dime to read any internet article or news piece and I never will. If you can't make it despite all that garbage advertising that everyone hates, you sure as hell don't need any more money from me.

But alas, I'm not their target audience, as I understand that there are a bazillion other free sources of info all over the web. If it's actual news, many others people/outlets will be covering it as well. If it's an opinion piece, I probably don't care and won't be reading it anyway. I'm primarily interested in hearing the facts, then I can come ro my own conclusion, thank you. But of course, most people either can't or don't want to think for themselves, so they rely on other people's analysis and opinion to formulate their own.
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I subscribe to the RJ/Sun, )yes i still like to read the newspaper in the morning.) I always use the Sun to start my fireplace or clean guns on. If I had a bird cage, it would be the first liner too!!
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This should come as good news. The Sun is loaded with biased left wing writers who like to bash the common gun owner so let them attempt to charge. It will just mean less readers for them as many other news outlets will be available free of charge.
"The only difference between the government and the mob is that they have a much better public relations team."
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Originally Posted by Gunhand View Post
I subscribe to the RJ/Sun, )yes i still like to read the newspaper in the morning.) I always use the Sun to start my fireplace or clean guns on. If I had a bird cage, it would be the first liner too!!
Same here, but I like to read the paper during my evening meal. It my way to unwind. And I usually flip to the Sun op/eds just to get a few laughs.

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I hope it kills the Sun. That liberal rag needs to die.

Having read newspapers of old, print journalism is a rare talent and mostly dead. Virtually every corporate or big city newspaper has a dearth of talent. Details are sparse, there is no follow-up, nor any attempt at analysis. It as if they are being charged by the word. From time to time, you'll find exceptional articles, but they are usually syndicated or only in the biggest of papers.

In the internet age, especially if you are charging, internet subscribers ought to be given something of value, such as more information than in the print versions. Online, there are no word count or column length concerns.

It's a frigging joke to read this stuff. None of them are investigators and half of them are pansies. I'd hire ex-cops who know how to ask questions, find leads, and write. Not some college journalism grad who knows the liberal media club handshake.

So until these crappy papers get it together, I'm sticking with the alternative media, digging my own information, or using a VPN to get around the stupid paywalls.
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Nevada Hudson
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The Nevada Appeal and the other newspapers by the same owner, all charge to view online after 2 free views.
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Happy to see poor business models fail.
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