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Just an Average Joe
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Default Antique Arms Show - anyone been?

This is the only gun show in Vegas, and only venue that I have never been to.

Anybody gone? is it worth the price of admission?

Much in the way of Milsurps?

or when they say "antique arms", are they talking about even older firearms?

Thanks for any input.
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Bwana Mkubwa
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I've been to it and it was excellent. No extraneous vendors at all.

It had collectible firearms and fine firearms. I don't recall 'milsurps' being displayed at all, but I wasn't looking for them.

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It's mostly higher-end older shotguns (SxS and Over-Under) and double rifles with a smattering of other collectible type things. Some even older stuff as well. Lots of cool things, but they tend to get a little redundant about halfway through (very nice, but many that at least LOOK the same). I've always wanted a fancy double-barrel big-game rifle (.450/.500 Nitro Express, etc.), but can't afford 5-figure pricetags.

Also quite a bit of knife stuff. And they have a whole area and competition devoted to engraving.

I don't recall much mil-surp type stuff, maybe a smattering of Lugers and 1911s (and things like Remington black-powders and could technically include them I guess).
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I haven't been to one since they were held at the Sahara Hotel, never went to one at the Riviera Hotel. I remember J. Curtis Earl had a table there with his Thompson sub machine guns, he had a 1928 TSMG that was gold plated called "Midas Touch", it was beautiful.

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