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Default Help needed in the 181-183 area (Fallon)

OK, I did really try, but I have been defeated! My 70 year old friend (a Vietnam Veteran) and I (a 50% disabled Veteran) went out to the Stillwater area near Fallon, looking for deer. Now, at 70 years old, my buddy is not really too mobile, and me (with my bad knees and ankles) am not much better, but we have a UTV and were able to do a lot of looking. What we found was new mining in areas that used to always have deer, and wild horses everywhere. Plus, LOTS OF COYOTES! So, I am throwing myself on the mercies of the forum and am asking for advice from the members. We will be going back out around the first of the month, and we need to find an area where we might have a chance of filling his tag. His area is the 181-183 areas, which includes the Stillwater-Dixie Valley area. Can anybody help steer a couple of broken down old Veterans some good directions!?!?
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Really do wish I could help, but I know nothing about that area. Don't know if You facebook but there are a few Nevada hunting pages there. If you post your story there I'm sure You'll get a much better response.
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