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Tony Shelton
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No matter what Californians bring here the one thing to remember is that ANY law is NULL AND VOID without enforcement.

We can make all the laws we want, but if we have men of integrity who refuse to enforce them they mean nothing and fade into obscurity.

This is why I get so tired of hearing "if you don't like the law, change it". Laws could be changed overnight if there were enough good men who refused to enforce them.

Here is a quote from the Public relations officer regarding Reno's law against selling "sex toys":

Reno Police Department public information officer Tim Broadway said the law was not enforced during the nearly 11 years he'd been with the department and that stores bypassed the law by selling "adult novelty items" rather than sex toys.

Apparently going around hassling businesses selling sex toys didn't bring in enough revenue so it was summarily ignored.

If only we had officers who would refuse to ticket motorists who hadn't caused any harm or did not put other motorists in direct peril...

If only we had officers who only enforced gun laws on criminals who had used a gun to harm someone else...

If only we had officers who refused to cage other human beings for having a substance in their possession that is harming no one but themselves....

Police officers hold the power.

If you don't like the California laws talk to your police officers. Without them NONE of the California style laws would mean a thing. Don't let them fool you.
It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. - Samuel Adams
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Originally Posted by Tony Shelton View Post
Maybe some on here who claim to believe our right to keep and bear arms is important can chime in and tell us why they work a job that requires them to impede our right to travel by stealing money for exceeding an arbitrary number on a speedometer.

I've got a car that tops out at 184 on the autobahn safely and legally moves along at 85 in Utah, but miraculously becomes unsafe and dangerous at 75 when I cross the border into Nevada. How is that?

How is it that in the mountains of Montana 30 years ago I could drive at 100 mph and pass an officer yet on a 30 mile stretch highway 50, as straight as an arrow, I'm a criminal at that speed?

All of this is East Coast and West Coast thinking that has permeated the west. Now even Montana has a speed limit even though data during the time of no speed limit did not support implementing a limit.
Tony, not sure if you remember, but back in the days of JIMMY CARTER the speed limit on the interstates was cut to 55 in order to SAVE ENERGY. Interstate speeds were generally 70 MPH when that happened, and you could legally drive ANY 'safe speed' in Montana before the Carter directive.

Carter threatened to pull federal highway funds from any state who didn't comply to the 55 MPH speed limit.

Montana's way of giving a 'screw you' to Carter at that time was to set the speed to 55 MPH while also issuing a $5 traffic ticket if you exceeded it, even at 185 MPH! Not sure how Montana treats it now however.

Back then, in the 70's, the drinking age was different across the nation, in some states it was age 18, including Idaho if I remember correctly, but changed nationwide to 21 due to federal extortion once again. The legal age of consent (sex) varied as well, with Idaho's age at 14 years old! I believe one of the southern states, perhaps Louisiana, had the same age, but I think that in Louisiana even first cousins could legally get married to one another.

We're a bit off topic now but in the deep south 40 years ago it wasn't uncommon for someone like Roy Moore to date or even marry a teen that was 14, 15, or 16 years old, with some marrying even younger with their parent's consent.

All of these things have drastically changed in our lifetime's alone, much of it due to federal influence.
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