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A couple of things to consider. Ball powders such as H335, TAC, 748, AA2520, AA2230, BL-C2..etc are great powders, they meter well and can give good accuracy. The one issue to consider is the temperature sensitivity of most ball powders. Not sure what part of NV you live but when temperatures get above 90 degrees your pressure is going to change.

The advantage of Varget and other Hogdon extreme powders is the resistance to temperature sensitivity. The disadvantage of Varget is that it does not meter quite as well and can be difficulty to find.

I will throw out another couple of powders to consider. IMR 4895 and H4895. Very versatile powers, the H4895 might be less temp sensitive, and can be used in a wide variety of caliber and bullet combinations. I use 4895 in AR15s, M1A and Garands. I use to use RL15 but it is also temp sensitive and was getting some good pressure signs when the temp got past 90 degrees.

As far as bullet choices. Depending on distances you are shooting. If you are shooting less than 200 yards then I would just find the the cheapest bulk bullet and shoot and practice. Hornady 55 FMJ bulk is a good choice. For precision shooting at good 68-77 gr bullet will work from Hornady, Sierra, and Nosler. The 62 grain bullets are not known for their accuracy but if you find some for a good deal then buy and shoot.

The .223 is an easy round to reload. For high-power shooters the load development is pretty much set. With a 75-77 grain bullet and 24 grains of Varget, RL15, or 4895 it will shoot better than most people are capable. Same with just about any bullet.
I wouldn't worry about finding the exact right combination. Just choose a powder, bulk bullets and practice.
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