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Long Guns Rifles of all shapes and sizes...evil black rifles (EBR's), carbines, hunting rifles, shotguns, black powder, military about it here.

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Originally Posted by nick2788 View Post
Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I'm leaning heavily towards building one as of right now and I'm looking for some good prices on quality lowers online or local. I prefer local so that I don't have to pay for shipping and wait time.

By the way, someone brought up the point of owning more than one AR. Out of curiosity's, what would be the point/advantage of owning more than one type of the same rifle?

The answer is BRD = Black Rifle Disease. Just like lego, you can have it in many configurations. My recommendation is just buy a basic M4 rifle and enjoy it. Once you start building them, you will be hooked and will spend more money than necessary (I currently do not have a factory assembled AR rifle).

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IMHO, you should look at buying a factory gun for your first AR. Shoot it, get really comfortable and familiar with the AR system first. Then once your knowledge base broadens out, then look at what you would really want in an AR. Then you can make much more informed decision about what you want in a build.

This way you don't spend your hard earned money on something you didn't want or need.
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