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guys, sorry i haven't replied to your comments, i've been reading through all of them though, and, thank you for the suggestions

my son is VERY experienced with firearms, he's been shooting since he was all of 9 years old - he understands firearms, he'll probably get bored with anything that address's new gun owners

i guess the best way to put it is i'd like to see him get some situational training, along with learning more about NV law as it pertains to self defense, the do's and don'ts from a legal standpoint when it comes to addressing a threat

once again, thanks for taking the time to reply, i appreciate it, and, i'll be researching very soon ALL of the suggestions given - it may even come down to multiple training sessions involving more than one instructor - im ok with that - the more information to be learned from various sources the better

- Richard
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As a few others have said, I think Front Sight would be a great investment for his training. The 4-day handgun class does start off for newbies, but by the end of the 1st day, he'll be shooting and won't be too bored. By day 3, he'll likely be doing stuff he's never done before, at speed. Day 4 has the test and then some fun stuff (man vs man steel shoot, multiple targets, etc).

Buying a lifetime membership is the way to go. He can return as many times as he wishes, taking not only pistol but many other classes (rifle, shotgun, subgun, rope and rappeling, etc) while only having to pay a $50 yearly background check before the first class he takes each calendar year. Take 5 classes in a year, still only one background check. Memberships are VERY reasonable (PM me if you want pricing info), and make it silly not to own if you live here and want to train.

I've been back MANY times to the same classes, usually going with my GF, friends and co-workers. Always sharpen my skills a bit more than when I walked in.

ETA: I was 28 when I took my first handgun class at Front Sight. I had been shooting all my life, since around 6 years old. I had been a CCW holder for 7 years and gone through the FL, MT and NV required classes to obtain the permits, yet there was MUCH to be learned.
Keith -
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The US armed forces offers great training. As an added bonus, you get free travel to far away lands, meet exotic, strange and interesting people, and kill them.
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