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Originally Posted by StarFire View Post
Calling that a 1911 is an insult to God's other son, John Moses Browning.

More correctly it is a striker fired, external extractor, palm grip safetied, 9mm, pistol with a doohickey rail and a trigger safety.

THIS is a 1911.


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Ummm no thank you.
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I like the video from the link (great video) up until 1:18.

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Originally Posted by JTW_Jr View Post
There is ugly , then there is Janet Reno ugly , and that thing is 3 rungs past Janet Reno ugly....
Now THAT is ugly JTW. Just out of curiosity, other than the "1911 trigger" what other part of this gun even resembles a 1911?
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Weaponsman has a good write-up on it. The recoil reduction aspects are interesting.
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Panay Mintis
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Originally Posted by Jagerviking View Post
What do you think of this new design?
Your title is misleading. I see the "1911 style" trigger, I also see a picture of a 1911 with the words "motivated by the past" and the words "1911 purists". Then you have this on the information page. Why can’t someone combine striker fired reliability with a 1911 trigger?”

Some reviewers purported it to be a striker fired 1911 but nowhere in there is the company claiming it to be a "striker fired 1911"

But...that is one ugly gun that looks more like a Hi-Point that lost some weight.
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Minute of Barn
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MSRP: $1,147.00

lol good luck with that
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I remember in 1986, when I walked into my Remo gun dealer's shop, and he set one of the first 200 Glock 17's imported into the country in front of me. I picked it up and said "But it's plastic and UGLY!"

Ho told me to fill out the 4473, take the gun for the day, and shoot it all I want. If I didn't like it, no charge. I returned it after shooting a 1,000 rounds of JHP ammo through it without a stoppage of any kind. I handed him a check for the grand total of $286.00. 50,000 + rounds later, I still have that Glock 17.

I guess what I'm saying is wait and see, it will either be a keeper or a crapper? I just won't poo-poo it until I see/shoot one. It may not be for everyone, but I'm sure someone will love it!
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Like GH said if it prooves itself to be reliable and no issues from the gate that is what people want. Yes, it is ugly but I have carried a Glock for 30 years so I can't bitch about that. Lol.

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Its 34oz unloaded then add in 15 rounds of 9mm. That is going to be a tank.
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