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For a hunting rifle I wouldn't recommend going below 2lbs.
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Remington Fights Back Against Fake News 60 Minutes Attack

Good article; read it here:

For decades, Remington bolt-action rifles have been a favorite of millions of American hunters, target shooters, law enforcement and military personnel. Remington continues to stand behind the safety and reliability of its firearms. That is certainly true for its bolt-action centerfire rifles, including the Model 700, which has earned its reputation among millions of satisfied users as America’s most popular, reliable and trusted bolt-action rifle.
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I have worked on hundreds of 700's over the years,,,,,,,never had one that would go off accidentally, no matter how I tried, unless the trigger had been
Monkey Forked with by someone.

None of my personal 700's ever did either, even after I did trigger jobs on them to get the trigger pull a bit lighter and crisper. I never set one below 3 pounds for anyone, my self included, and at that weight, it gives a nice crisp pull and is completely safe with regard to true accidental (not negligent) discharges.

Left alone, they don't fail, at least in my limited experience.

And if they did fail, and proper muzzle discipline had been followed, no one and no thing would ever have been or be harmed by the discharge.

If anyone has a Remington 700 that they are not happy with the trigger pull on it, take it to an experienced Remington trained gunsmith and have it lightened, or replace it with an aftermarket trigger group.

A word about aftermarket trigger groups.........when you install one, read ALL the directions that come with it, word for word, clear through at least twice before starting the install, even if it was just a month ago that you did another of the same model.

This is because our memories ain't perfect AND because sometimes, things change in the instructions in a very short time, things that could lead to damage or trouble or both.

Once the new trigger group is in, now RE READ the instructions twice on how to adjust it, and have them handy, referring to them often as you adjust it.

This can save damage and accidents also. I've had way to many aftermarket triggers come in with owners who "knew what they were doing, but the damn thing just isn't right" and when questioned, had not read and followed the instructions because "These triggers are a piece of cake, everyone says so"....

Unless you understand all the nuances of that Remington 700 factory trigger design, how each part relates to and interacts with all the other parts, leave it alone!

Once you break that sealant free and start tinkering, unless you are a trained and certified gunsmith with lots of liability insurance, you are just opening up a big can of worms for your self that may come back to bite you Graboid Style, at a later date.

Just my .02 worth, your results may vary, but I went many decades of working on guns and never got sued, so take it for what it is worth.
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Old 03-20-2017, 12:02 PM   #34
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I think most experienced gunsmiths share your opinion of the Remington 700. It's all of these news stories, usually started by individuals who have zero knowledge of firearms in general, that keep giving this type of stuff unnecessary traction. That, along with ambulance chasing lawyers, with assorted so called "experts", who are all looking for a quick buck.
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