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uber n00b
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Default Anyone chase deer with the .250 Savage?

Hopefully, this will be my son's first year hunting if he gets drawn. Bought him a Ruger M77RSI in .250 Savage, slapped it in a synthetic youth stock, and now need to start working on loads for him. I am thinking that the 100gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip would be the way to go. That bullet in .264 worked wonders on North Dakota years ago on whitetail out of my Swede. Figured it would work just as well out of the .250. Do you have a better suggestion? Any insight would be appreciated...


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I have a Savage Model 99 chambered in 250-3000. My great grandmother used it to hunt deer, then my grandmother, then my mother, then my wife, and my daughters have used it.

According to the serial number database, it turns 100 years old this year.

I think 250 Savagae is the perfect round for a beginner.
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