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Originally Posted by Ron_O View Post
How's that been going? I'm trying to plan another trip back down again.

After I left, Oath Keepers discovered a town 40 miles north of Houston called Conroe, TX, that was virtually off of the public relief radar. They were once under 13 feet of water and were struggling to survive, camped in tents in their yards or sleeping in their cars.

Oath Keepers made a post including a video and placed it here:

If you go to you'll see that they're undergoing a massive effort to help out in Florida as well. I'd love to head that way but Texas is closer and still needs a ton of help. My better half is in Texas helping FEMA deal with Asian flood victims (she's an interpreter).

Oath Keepers needs financial aid and volunteers in both areas and have even set up a GoFundMe page for financial support for volunteers and supplies. Gas money and food really adds up in the long run for volunteers:

Here's a video of Stewart Rhodes and the guys buying carts full of supplies at a Sam's Club in Florida:

I've had my differences over the years with Oath Keepers but have to give full credit to them for the work they're now doing in both Texas and Florida. I had a chat with Stewart Rhodes and the leadership team when I was in Texas about the need to focus on victim's aid rather than security, and it seems they've followed up in a huge way since then.

A massive plus in my book. I believe any funds sent their way will be well used in their relief efforts for the hurricane victims. The destruction and need is both epic and appreciated.
right now, we're on hold until the mucked out home(s)
are dried out. Mid October I am planning to head out to eh Beaumont area and do a rebuild, but just waiting on word from the coordinator.

If you do plan on it, send me a PM, maybe I can link up with u. I have a huge trailer to haul supplies and lots of equipment now.
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