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Thumbs up Texas Flood Relief & Oath Keepers!

When the hurricane first hit we were going to try to pull a boat down to help out. I'm a former firefighter and that kind of stuff is right in my wheelhouse. We were in Texas on a trip to Florida a few months ago and making the drive is not a problem.

But plenty of Texas locals have brought their boats in so no need to haul from Las Vegas. I actually wanted to run supplies down to the more isolated towns that were caught in the eye of the hurricane, such as Rockport and surrounding areas. Those towns were hit hard and about 40% of the people stayed in town rather than evacuate. Now they're left without electricity and basic food, gas, and water supplies.

So a friend in California just announced that he want's to donate 60 cases of MRE's to the cause but needs someone to haul them down. I volunteered.

In the meantime I've been getting updates from Oath Keepers about their rescue needs and efforts. They are saturating an area north of Houston and meeting in the town of Livingston. They've put out a Call to Action for several types of supply needs and volunteers.

So I've been in touch with them and one of the things on their list is a desperate need for MRE's and fuel! I plan to haul the MRE's down in the van and pick up a bunch of new fuel cans so I can haul them in a trailer and make fuel runs back and forth from ground zero. I'll use the van to shuttle supplies and people wherever needed.

I have to run to California in the morning to pick up the MRE's, then load up and head east with the supplies.

First, is there anyone who can head down to Orange County to pick them up and bring them back to Vegas, which will save me around nine hours of driving? Maybe you know someone down there who can bring them up? I'll be driving 22 hours from Vegas to the Houston area, not including the California run.

If you go to the Oath Keepers site you'll see a long list of needed supplies and volunteers. The town they're working out of just lost power so they now need generators. I sold mine years ago. Go to to see their needs and requests.

Our fuel expenses for the trip will run $500-700 including the California run but NOT including the fuel for the fuel cans. I can legally haul 1000 lbs. of fuel without a hazmat license in Texas. That's about 120 gallons of fuel per run or $300 per load of fuel.

The fuel is needed for the volunteers with their boats as well as the local first responders. Reliable fuel sources can be hours away from them at this time. I plan to buy around 20 five gallon gas cans for the trip, an additional expense. I'll probably leave them down there once I'm finished helping out but I'd also like to head back down to help with the rebuild effort once it's under way.

We've been hammering our friends and Facebook and other social media contacts for donations for this effort. I plan on staying down as long as possible to help Oath Keepers with their many needs and requests, but we'll be spending hundreds of our own $$ in addition to loss of work income and vehicle wear and expenses. I'm planning on sleeping in my van.

I know that when we're so far away from these types of disasters we'd often like to help but just don't know where or how to reliably do it. So many of the large organizations suck up so much of their donations in admin fees. With us it'll all be going directly to the effort.

If you'd like to be part of this mission you can donate using your credit card or bank account via PayPal. We've been with them for nearly 20 years. We've set up a special donation link just for this effort. You may have to register with them if you're not already registered but it's pretty simple and fast.

We've got most of our initial fuel expenses covered at this point. But we need additional funds for fuel, water, food and other donations in Texas. Every penny will go toward the cost and we've already reached into our own pockets for the same. If there is somehow an excess of funds we'll transfer it all over to the Oath Keepers fund for further use.

My better half is waiting for official verification from FEMA because she's expected to be deployed as an interpreter in the ravaged areas for up to six weeks before heading overseas.

We plan to post pics of our experiences.

If you'd like to help out in any way then we'll be teaming up on this effort. You can donate directly via the following link:

Thanks in advance for your prayers and support!

Ron and Anne
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