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Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms The place to discuss all gun rights issues, pro-gun/anti-gun legislation and general Second Amendment topics. All other topics will be locked.

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Hopefully no one ever enforces this law.
The only reason I posted is because I keep seeing everyone acting like this is a loss for Bloomberg, and it is NOT. It is a WIN for him and a huge loss for us.
The law now says that it is illegal to do private party sales, all Bloomberg or anyone has to do is convince Laxalt or someone to enforce the law.
Look, Clark county and Washoe county both went dem last election, they are pretty blue, and more and more Californians are moving here every day. There are a LOT of LEO, ADA, and powerful people who voted yes on this law. I know two ADAs who voted yes and want private party sales shut down. One of them said to me last year "you should be arrested for selling a gun in a parking lot".
For all we know, tomorrow at 8am they have a meeting and decide they are going to enforce the law. They might go right on this forum tomorrow and start picking people up. We dont know. But what we do know is that the law is hard to fight, opinions are easy to change. I promise you its a lot easier to change Laxalts mind with money than it is to change the law. Bloomberg might donate a million dollars to Laxalt tomorrow for him to run for governor, only stipulation is he has to enforce the laws already on the books. Who knows.
It is very easy to change opinions and people with money.
Hell, maybe Bloomberg will just wait two years and throw money at a dem to get elected, now that the law is already there, we are really sunk. Laxalt only won by 5,000 votes, and now there are more californians here. It will be an important election in less than 2 years.
This is a huge loss for us!
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Originally Posted by ACTIVE View Post
You can comply though, you comply by not selling your firearm to an individual private party. its basically like the NFA laws now, I cannot sell a suppressor to an individual without doing a proper transfer through a dealer.
So if you want to sell your handgun now, you sell it to a dealer or ship it to a dealer who does a transfer, because selling to someone in a parking lot is illegal.
Again "not being able to sell your gun to a random person is unjust" would be an opinion (a liberal city hipster probably would think it's not unjust). It could be argued that The right to keep arms is different than the right to sell them however you please.
If someone decided to arrest you I'm sure you could fight it but it would take time and money and be a pain.
I suppose anything is possible, but I don't think THAT is possible, at least not without additional law(s) being enacted.

You and/or your attorney are doing some serious extrapolation.
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