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I interviewed the owner of Silencer Shop right before the barcode system was announced. He believes it will speed things up once they get to them. Right now form 4 individual are processing faster than form 4 trusts.

He stated in the interview he believes we could return to 90 days and under by winter.

Here’s what he said on the individual processing faster than the trusts...

“Right now the ATF has one set of auditors working on individuals and one set on trusts. With the new rule change that was effective in July of 2016 it added background checks for each person on the trust. Since that is more labor intensive than individuals they are being approved slower than individuals for the moment. However one the ATF catches up in the new couple of months things will go back to normal and both individual and trust applications should come back at the same speed.”
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Bwana Mkubwa
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Originally Posted by dsmacey View Post
Has anyone submitted a form with the new barcode encoding? Has that done anything to improve the wait time?

I submitted two Form 4s with the bar code right after the announcement, but it's way too early to tell if there is any improvement in processing time.

I can tell you that between the app and S.I.D. kiosk, they can get the paperwork out more quickly.

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51 weeks and 57 weeks, 7 more st 47 weeks. 2 person trust via snail mail. One of those approved Jan 12th, but the local dealer hasn't called as yet...
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Default My wait

Filled out my paperwork for my suppressor on July 10th and picked it up on November 27th. Iím not sure why it went so fast but Iím happy.
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That is fast. I submitted mine right before the change in regulations and mine took over a year.

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form 4 wait

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