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7.62x39 solution
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Does the gauge of wire matter? Should it be stripped for best results?
Thank you for the info
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Originally Posted by Jesu27 View Post
Does the gauge of wire matter? Should it be stripped for best results?
Thank you for the info
The gauge of the wire makes no difference for other than being strong enough for the wind and weather. No need to strip it. Very simple and easy and you can do almost anything you want and it will work. But the lower frequencies you want to listen to, the wire should be longer. It can never be too long for a receive only antenna, so the longer the better. The lower frequencies are a longer wave length, so that is why the antenna for lower frequencies should be longer. But even too short will work, just not as well as longer. Too short could cause the wanted signal to get weaker than your internal noise, which usually isn't a problem anyway after several feet of wire.

Again transmit antennas are a totally different story, but receive only antennas are very simple and not critical.

73, -Don- AA6GA, Reno
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