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Default Youth Archery

I was walking around Sportsman's today while I was renewing my fishing license and I eventually wandered over to the archery area. I started looking at some of the youth models and my kids started begging me to buy them a bow.
I didn't buy anything, but I did get the gears turning in my head. I haven't shot a bow in about 15 years. I wouldn't mind getting back into it, even if it is only to facilitate my kids getting started. I did some checking around, and the Clark County Shooting Complex doesn't charge any kind of line fee for kids 17 and under.
I'm not sure about what to get them. My 9 year old weighs about 70lbs and is proportionally tall. But, my 5 year old is very petite and probably only around 45 lbs.
I want to keep the cost reasonable up front in case they don't like it.
Anybody have any recommendations? Local programs or businesses? Any bow recommendations?
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My twins are 12 now but last year I bought them Bear bows, 16"-28" draw length and 20# to 60# draw. Might be a little much for your little one but should be perfect for your older one to grow into for a few years. I bought mine on ebay for about $250. Make sure its a reputable store before buying. Then go to Sportsman's and have them set it up for them. Good luck!
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Go to Impact Archery. I believe they still have a youth program there. Ask for Charlie , he owns the place. Great guy.
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I have a youth model compound listed here for sale.
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