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Palomino Valley Gun Club: Reno/Sparks NV The Palomino Valley Gun Club is a non-profit organization based in Reno/Sparks Nevada. We have been an integral part of the Washoe County Shooting Facility since its inception, and continue to support competitive rifle endeavors, promoting firearms marksmanship and safety.

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Default *HUGE SUCCESS!!!*600yd Long Range Familiarization Day

Long Range Shooting at 600 Yards
Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility
Hosted by the Palomino Valley Gun Club
June 24, 2012

For hunters and other shooters who want to find out and experience what long range shooting is about and to learn about the types of events shot at the range? The Palomino Valley Gun Club will be hosting a free Long Range Familiarization course on June 24, 2012 at the Washoe County Shooting Facility on Pyramid Highway on the 600 yard line. There will be one session at 9:00. The session will cover:

Range Safety
Long Range Shooting
Types of Events/Matches/Equipment Needed
Shooting at 600 Yards
Target Scoring/Target Operation in the Pits
Club Shooting Matches and Schedule

The event is free but people who want to shoot at 600 yards will be charged a $15 fee. All people attending must bring eye and ear protection. To observe targets when not shooting or when shooting, binoculars or a spotting scope will be needed. If you plan to shoot, bring the following:

Rifle and 30 rounds of ammunition
Something to lay on if shooting from prone
Spotting Scope or binoculars for spotting your hits
Stool if you shoot from the bench
Bipods or other front rest/ rear rest for rifle (will help accuracy)
Eye and ear protection

The number of shooters will be limited to 30 people per session and they must sign up prior to the event. We will try to accommodate shooters that show up at the day of event if the session hasnít filled up on a first come basis. No black powder, muzzle loaders, 50 cal, fully automatic weapons or calibers that would be unsafe shooting at long range. All minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For more information and to sign up for this event please contact Robert Hoppe at:
Telephone 827-8679
Cell 775-397-3358 (have to dial 775)

For directions to the range and see what other events are done by the Club, visit our website at

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This sounds cool, got my first shots off at 1000 yrds last weekend and what a blast! This is great, my boy who is 14 wants to shoot LR too and I see he can shoot this if Im with him?
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Yes, he is welcome to come, as long as he has an adult to over see him, can handle guns safely, and can follow instructions.

You're welcome to come also!{;>)

Remember this is in Reno.

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We will be at Sportsman's Warehouse in Reno (Kietzke & Moana)tomorrow, Saturday June 16th from roughly 9:30am -2:30pm. We will have a table out front of the store. If you have any interest in long range shooting, stop by and chat!

Reminder: our Long Range Clinic will be Sunday, June 24 at the Washoe County Shooting Facility.
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What calibers are "unsafe at long range?"
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Ammo has to be supersonic (~1200fps or faster)at the target pits. At 600 yds standard or 63gr 0r 55 gr 223 ball ammo will do. 45-70 not so much. 556 green tip is ok. With sub-sonic ammo, there is too much chance of bullets landing in the pit floor rather than the backstop. AP, incendiary & tracers are also a no-no.

For this event we are not allowing 50 bmg due to noise and side blast issues.

If you have a question about a specific bullet/ caliber we wiil try to help you with it.

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Now we try factory ammo

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This should be a good intro for those who have never shot long range in a measurable way.

There is definitely no substitute for having people pull and spot your targets when you are trying to get your drop values, wind dope, and evaluate accuracy.

Wish I could make it, but I've got other things scheduled that day....
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Is the familiarization day still on? I would like to attend, but I have been having a few "learning-moment" issues with my rifle, so I most likely would not be shooting (wouldn't hit any bloody thing, anyway lol).
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I will make sure that I take pictures next time. I did not get out to the line but we all had fun in the pits.
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I hadn't remembered to bring my camera out, but will next time.

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