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Default Shooting mat?? ANYONE Remember?

A few matches (maybe a practice?) ago, one of the guys on the same squad as I was had a really nice shooting mat that was not loaded with bells and whistles, straps, pockets, velcro, ribbons and snaps, pink nerf balls and flashing lights, dog food containers and drink holders, etc....was nice and simple, but effective.. It was about the usual shape and size, was sort of "coyote brown-ish" and had some pretty nice anti-slip surface (kind of had some "tacky" feel to it, but NOT all sticky) in the areas around where your elbows hit it so they didn't slip around. I liked shooting off of it a lot and asked they guy where he got it and he told me.....and I promptly forgot the make and model, where he told me he got it (maybe Midway?) and everything. It is HELL getting old and having CRS, huh? Anyway, I want to order one of those...can anyone (maybe the guy that had it?) help me out with the pertinent info? Thanks, guys!!

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