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Originally Posted by ScottyS View Post
I think we've forgotten what windy match days are really like.....I don't think it cracked 20 mph the entire time, or if it did it was momentary! I had holds ranging from 0 to 15mph full value, and that was it. Of course, I had to change those holds shot-to-shot......

Stupid 850 Coyote and stupid 120gr Amax......haha. That ammunition was clearly designed for 100yd casual group shooters.

I had a great time, even if I had to deal with cranky Don, and it was cool to see more new faces.
Yeah..the wind DID made me cry..........if NOT cranky! Oh, yeah.....not to mention getting hungry WAAAYY before lunch time...THAT could make me cranky!! . That was the worst score I have shot in a long time....not that anyone shot any wonderful scores. I did have fun, though. AND Scotty got to see how fast an old guy (Scotty is headed that way in a couple of decades, too) can move when he has an extraction failure!!) (OLD GUYS RULE....well, maybe not when the wind blows that squirrelly!!)
Came down with the rain...just NOT last night's rain....
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