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Originally Posted by irishmike View Post
That was me Steve, Thanks, and it good to meet you and iweb.
Got it, Mike!

Nice to meet you and the lady as well. Enjoy your new license, check the FCC ULS system web page starting along about Tuesday night, sometime between there and Friday or so, you should be able to search on your name and find your call sign.

Here's a link to the site

Change where it says: "By Call Sign" by using the drop down arrow next to those words to change it to read "By Name" then put your name, last name first, followed by a comma, then your first name, followed by a space, then your middle initial, just as you wrote them on the beige form we had you fill out.

Hit enter and it will search for your information. If it doesn't find it, wait 24 hours or so and try again.

Holler if you have questions about anything in the General Class question pool.
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