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Originally Posted by Gullwing View Post
If you have any questions ask Nyeco, he should be able to tell you if those are all the parts he originally assembled it with.

Nice rifle
Was beginning to think you had forgotten about me!

Old bluing definitely turns plum colored with age, and you might want to have it appraised before you do anything to it, even the most common 1894 with the octagon barrel, in only 10% condition is worth about $850-$1,000 these days, and some of them in just 70% are worth $2,220 and up, with one in 98% condition being worth about $7k.

A take down version adds 20-25% to the above, and if this were a deluxe rifle in only 10% it would fetch around $1,500.

PS, if you take the butt stock off, you can tell exactly which month I assembled it in, 1 tooth mark for January, 2 for February, and so on, by the time December 1908 rolled around I was really hungry and some stocks left the factory with just a sliver of wood left............
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