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I just picked up a used 9MM Pitbull in stainless. All kinds of machining and finish errors on the exterior, lots of endshake and rotational (when locked up) play in the cylinder. Trigger pull in single action is exceptional for a bargain revolver and double-action pull is about the same as my S&W (a 642 Airweight).

Took it to the Carson range today. At 7-10 yards, POI was about 3 inches right of POA, not terrible for a fixed sight snubnose. I had a couple of light strikes on Winchester 124 gr. NATO hardball, no failures on any other variety (Aguila 124 gr., Federal aluminum case 115 gr., Federal brass case 115 gr., Winchester 147 gr. lead free, all hardball) of ammo tried. All had similar POI/POA offset. I experienced two failures to extract with the cases slipping off the plungers in the extractor star, a second attempt extracted them. Both were the Winchester 124 NATO. No other failures to extract; a sharp rap on the end of the ejector rod dumped cases clear of the cylinder. Did not observe any shaving or "spitting" to either side so apparently the rotational play isn't enough to cause that to happen.

Recoil was brisk, it felt a little sharper than my S&W when fired with 110 gr. JHP - something I didn't expect. Recoil was mildest with the Federal 115 gr. brass case ammo.

I didn't have any trouble keeping hits in center of mass out to 10 yards, didn't try anything further than that. Sights are not bad, wide rear notch and a ramp front. The front ramp is smooth and could use serrations but wasn't too hard to see even with my grumpy old eyes.

Bottom line: Since I got this revolver used for a good price, I'm not unhappy. I wouldn't carry it or depend on it to save my life, it's a range toy. I probably wouldn't invest in the .45 if it were me unless I could fire it first. I also carried a CA Undercover back in the dark ages, I remember it as having better fit and finish that this Bulldog by a long shot... except for the bluing on the Undercover, which did not survive a single day of having to wear a suit and tie in the summer Seattle heat and carrying it in a suede IWB holster. The finish disappeared on the side towards my body leaving one side of the revolver blue, the other gray! At least that wouldn't happen with the stainless Bulldog (I hope!).

Andrew, if you want to meet up and take a look at it in person, let me know. I'd be glad to do that if you don't mind coming down to Carson.
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