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Returned from Texas after several days on the road. Super burned out but feeling a bit caught up now. Watching Irma in Florida and wondering if it's going to break protocol and turn left into the Gulf region rather than run up Florida.

I drove 22 hours straight to our rendezvous point, 1430 miles. I'd been up around 34 hours by the time I finally got a few hours of sleep before morning.

The mission in Texas was much needed and fulfilling. The supplies I hauled were literally gone in a few hours. In Texas I traveled with a group of Oath Keepers volunteers from other states and we went to a town two hours south of our original staging area, making it 24 hours of driving for me that day!

OK had a mission of guarding a relief supply feeding and distribution site which also had a gun shop on site. The National Guard was there as well but they bailed without notice so we had to cover for them the next morning. They eventually returned.

We then pulled from that op and went to another a couple of hours west where we were offering protection for a newly opened warehouse north of Houston. Some of the devastation in the area was heartbreaking.

At the first location the cars were lined up several miles to receive relief supplies in the days preceding my arrival. It was nonstop while I was there. The second site was for distribution to other sites only so we had no general public there to manage or deal with.

I was going to be used as a point man to scout the hurricane ravaged Rockport area 200 miles south of us, taking along a ham operator for comms if needed. But we then learned that the reason the National Guard had pulled out was because the tap water and ground water from the receded flood waters was laced with deadly typhoid and necrotizing fasciitis bacteria (flesh eating bacteria). At least one of our members was displaying symptoms of illness and a couple of others were possibilities.

At that point I opted to head home for a couple of different reasons beyond the health concerns (I needed to decontaminate my gear and van), including the pending Hurricane Irma and deployment of my spouse to Houston with FEMA. I had to pick up our dog if nothing else and bring her back out on the road with me.

It was a great trip that I'd do again in a heartbeat. I still want to get into the Rockport area and may head that way after the weekend once we know where Irma has landed.

We were in the Florida Keys in late April while driving down on business. Still having thoughts about heading to Florida for additional relief so we'll have to see what unfolds.

I've posted a few pics from our first relief location and packed van before leaving Las Vegas. If you can make it down to Texas your help will be in great need. Lots of ways to help.





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