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Default Slide locking up with normal COL?

My wife was shooting my .45acp reloads out of her 1911 today when two rounds "locked up" the slide. Both times there was a normal report, normal recoil, bullet exited fine. The slide cycled (apparently), cocked the hammer, and then resulted in a dead trigger. The only way to clear it was to rack the slide VERY hard and eject the chambered case (not sure if it was a live round or an empty case as my wife handled it both times). Both times I field stripped the gun to make sure there was no obstruction in the bore, and everything looked normal on diss-assembly.

I am assuming they were live rounds ejected as the slide must have cycled to cock the hammer.

The rounds were on the lighter side and loaded to my normal 1.270" OAL. I've shot this same load hundreds of times from this gun.

At first I was thinking it was the case swelling, but that wouldnt explain the cocked hammer and dead trigger.

Anyone have any idea whats going on here? I'll go back in a few days with the same lot to try and duplicate the problem.
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