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Been to New Frontier Armory a couple of times.

Nice store, big enough to spend a few minutes browsing, staff was very friendly.

I would probably use them for transfers too if they weren't on the other end of town from where I work, and where I live. I can only make it there before closing on Saturdays, and if I have a transfer arriving on a Monday, not about to wait 5 days, lol.

Used to use Big Gun Enterprises in Henderson, but when picking up 2 transfers on the same day, they charged me double - I don't think that is the norm, as I've picked up 2 guns at a couple of other stores, and as long as it was on the same store visit, was only charge once for the transfer fee - perhaps others could chime in on their experience here? The guy was also kind of a jerk when looking at the AK47 I was picking up, saying "Is that 922R compliant??" - he seemed to be trying out for a position at the BATF.

They lost my business for good. Hope it was worth an extra $25 for them.

I also ALWAYS, at a MINIMUM buy some ammo and mags in EVERY store that handles a transfer for me, as a good will gesture. Heck, I usually try to find something to buy anytime I visit a local store just to support a small business, as long as the staff is friendly.

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