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Default Cheap Gun Safe Dehumidifier

A buddy was complaining today about the cost of buying those Silica Gel canisters to keep the humidity out of his gun safe.

I couldn't figure out at first why he was complaining, he only has one safe, and one of the $30 900 gram canisters (about 2 pounds of Silica Gel Crystals) will protect 60+ cubic feet of space, and they last for years.

You just have to put them in the oven periodically to dry them out and then you put them back in the safe.

Turns out he didn't read the directions that came with it completely, thought that when the little indicator on the canister turned blue you were supposed to throw it away and buy another!

No wonder he was unhappy about the cost.

Anyway, after straightening him out on this, he asked which brand of the canister I used.

I told him "Pet Pride".

That got me a strange look, naturally.

So I explained to him that I don't make use of those expensive canisters.

I buy an 8 pound bag of Pet Pride cat litter, which is one hundred percent Silica Gel crystals, and then I pour some into a cheap disposable plastic dish with a snap on lid. The lid has holes punched in it so that the crystals can absorb what little moisture is in the air around here.

When the crystals in the plastic container get soggy, I put them on a disposable tin cookie sheet and stuff it in the oven for a couple of hours at 200 degrees, then pour them back into the plastic dish.

You lose some in the process, but an 8 pound bag, currently about 8 bucks at Smiths or $6 at Wally World, lasts for nearly ever. I'm still working on a bag I brought with me from CA when I retired 7 years ago.

There are other brands out there as well that are 100% silica gel crystals as well, like Amazing brand Cat litter, and I think there is at least one other brand as well.

Pictures in case the above makes no sense.

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